• Transforming space and airborne payloads

    Affordable yet small, powerful and increasingly autonomous domain awareness and protection sensors, space electronics, and C4ISR solutions that provide time-critical knowledge for operational advantage.


    Developing tomorrow’s space capabilities, today, with affordable, elegant small payloads to enable the next-generation of distributed space architectures.

  • Ophir Corporation

    Leading the way with technologically advanced remote sensors for challenging environments.

Who We Are

Affordable yet small and powerful space and airborne sensor solutions that provide national security and commercial customers with time-critical knowledge for operational advantage.

LightRidge Solutions is revolutionizing the space and airborne sensor market


LightRidge Solutions and its operating unit GEOST provide affordable, high performance space payloads in small size, weight and power.

Disruptive in our novel technical, business, and cost approaches, LightRidge’s systems are enabling distributed space architectures. 

Together with associated elements and technologies such as autonomy and machine learning, ground processing, and mission expertise, our solutions provide knowledge to enable decision advantage in and from space.


LightRidge and its operating unit Ophir are leaders in providing high performance airborne advanced laser radar (LIDAR) sensors, affordably and in small form factors.

Entrusted as mission critical systems on some of the highest value military aircraft, our sensors operate in remote, extremely challenging environments.

LightRidge Solutions creates value through new solution combinations in the space and airborne domains, offering scale, access to new markets, and synergies.

The company also provides improved access to capital and investment for internal research and development to bring autonomous domain awareness and protection sensors and other new capabilities to market.

Ready to Work on the next great thing?

LightRidge and its businesses value creative, innovative, and talented people. Join our rapidly growing team and help us solve our customers’ challenging national security problems. 

Latest News

GEOST President and General Manager Joshua Hartman outlines options for an improved Space Domain Awareness architecture.
Former Under Secretary of Defense and Textron Systems CEO brings her longstanding operational and aerospace experience to the GEOST board.
GEOST has won two U.S. Space Force contracts to develop an optical sensor payload that can be hosted on government or commercial satellites to scan the geostationary belt